Transfer files through a TFTP, SNTP, SYSLOG, DHCP or DNS server
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If you need to transfer files via TFTP, SNTP, SYSLOG, DHCP or DNS, Philippe Jounin has created an open-source program that integrates many services into a single program, called Tftpd64. Though the program doesn't require master skills to install it, though it does need to be configured according to the user requirements and environment.

The user interface is simple and doesn't have many customization options besides the ones mentioned in the configuration process. Despite the low amount of custom settings and the fact that it may remind you of Windows XP programs, the interface doesn't have other inconveniences.

Once you have completed the configuration process, you can access the tabs to input the host, the port, and the block size. After that, you can search for the file you want to transfer from the remote PC to your own, and if you know the correct path on the remote computer, you can either send or receive files.

With Tftpd64, users can also manage the IP pool, and the mask or the domain name. More, the program has a DHCP server that provides unlimited automatic or static IP address assignment. Other features include a directory facility, an interface filtering option and security tunning.

To sum it up, Tftpd64 is a useful administration software tool for small networks, which doesn't have major issues, uses a low amount of system resources, has a responsive interface and is free.

John Saunders
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  • Includes a DHCP server
  • Has a directory facility
  • Allows users to send or receive files remotely


  • Has few customization options
  • The interface reminds of Windows XP programs
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